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The blood hawks in Chronicles of Elyria

We the blood hawks, are an online gaming community that exists since 2002 and plays with the appearance of the game Chronicles of Elyria (2019) on the server Selene under the King Vaizer (Demalion) and claims to the county of Falkenstein. Our goal is, if you wish, to manage and expand the county with your help. You can find out more about our community on our main page Bloodhawk Community.  More information about the game can be found on the homepage of Chronicles of Elyria.

Chronicles of Elyria

Game information of our partners

On the following pages you will find game content and dialogues with the developers in German translation.

County of Bavarica (German)
County Klingenhain (German)

Wikipedia to Chronicles of Elyria

If you want to learn more about the individual mechanics in and about Chronicles of Elyria, you can look at the very extensive Wikipedia page.

Gamepedia (German Wiki)
Gamepedia (English Wiki)