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Welcome to the donation page of the county of Falkenstein.
With a small donation to move the (game) world.

As a count, I see myself not only in the position of the "steward" of our
Beautiful county. It is a particular concern to me that all our
Citizens, a place in our family community
That you don't just feel comfortable with,
But can also develop individually.

So that we,
Although as a county,
As a community,
As a guild,
As a family or
As an individual,
Can fulfill our goals, dreams, desires and ideas,

Of course it needs financial resources.

Already with a small donation,
Not only do you help build and maintain the county,
But you also help your community,
Your family and ultimately you too.

You'll probably ask
What exactly do you do with your donation?
In the following list, you will see the main content:

  • Strengthening of the Grafschaftseinflusses (points of influence).
  • Increase of Expositionpoints (EP).
  • Greater availability of infrastructure facilities.
  • Availability of educational institutions.
  • The possibility of building monumental buildings.
  • Realization possibilities of unique structures such as prayer sites etc.
  • More pronounced basic care for cities and settlements.
  • The opportunity to realize individual projects, developments and expansions.
  • A greater divergence of building types (Baukubaturen) from the outset.
  • And much more.

So you see that you can do a lot with a small donation.
But that's not all.
The donations are used to realize projects in different dimensions,
To which all residents of the county are invited to realize these.
Furthermore, we operate with the donations the services such as webspace,
The homepage, the forum or the TeamSpeak server,
So that our county remains connected to each other beyond the world.
We are a family and we want to achieve our goals together.
So if you feel like me, called, together with me, with us,
To improve the world, to beautify,
To realize projects and become part of the story,
Can you please click on the button "donate"
And pave the way to a glorious future, with us, a little further.


Count Soul Spirit Silvaticus to Brigantium of Falkenstein

(Clicking on a new window opens)